About Us

WashTech/CWA was formed in 1998 by Microsoft contract employees in Redmond, Washington and quickly affiliated with the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA).

By working with the CWA and taking the lead on issues that affect our fellow high-tech workers, our voices are being heard-in the press, in the boardrooms, and in Congress. High-tech workers from Silicon Valley to Boston are joining together to work to keep the jobs for which many of us were educated and trained. Now it is time for you to join our movement.

Our Mission

WashTech/CWA is an innovative and influential union whose members advocate for all technology workers in Washington State and beyond.
We are a visionary community of activists and a leading voice for our members in the global economy.
We help build economic security and fair working conditions through collective action, bargaining and legislative advocacy.

Our Accomplishments:

Offshore Outsourcing: Offshore outsourcing has become our top priority, and our efforts are paying off. The Seattle Times has called WashTech, "the technology union leading the national fight against offshoring." From tech workers around the country we raised enough money to take an ad out in the New York Times, highlighting the offshore outsourcing issue and demanding Congress take action. Legislation: We are fighting for legislation that protects workers at both the federal and state levels.

At the federal level:

  • We are fighting for reforms in the H-1b and L-1 visa issues.
  • We are asking that Trade Act Adjustment Assistance be extended to service sector employees.
  • We are also helping get legislation introduced that would demand transparency from corporations that are exporting jobs by providing workers with notification of the shift.
  • We convinced Congress to ask the GAO to study the trend of offshore outsourcing and its impact on the high-tech economy.

At the State Level:

  • We helped elect our members, Zack Hudgins and Derek Stanford, to the Washington State legislature.
  • The number of states introducing legislation to limit offshore outsourcing has grown from just a few to more than 30 with our efforts. The bills range from Customer Right to Know to limiting state public contracts for information services from going overseas.
  • We have also introduced legislation that protects over-time to full disclosure of agency bill rates for contract employees.